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IDS Bytom

International Dog Show Bytom/PL Judge: Jussi Liimatainen (FI) Alijamo’s DEVIL’S PIE – Ex.1, CAC fulfilled conditions for title POLAND CHAMPION, Best working dog Alijamo’s GAGARIN

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Majestrian Emonique

Quick Show in Papa-HU

Judge: Peter Harsany/HU Alijamo’s GAGARIN – Ex.1, CAC Alijamo’s GALAXY CORONA – Ex.2, res. CAC Stangers Land VALDAY – Ex.1, CAC Majestrian EMONIQUE – Ex.1,

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NS Ostrava

National Dog Show Ostrava (moved to Brno). Entered only Lily Alijamo’s GALAXY CORONA – Ex1/2, CAC, NW, BOS.

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Litter “M”

Alijamo’s ANISETTE is expecting her last puppies.
As before, we expect highly action puppies, more suitable for sports (coursing, racing), but at the same time very contact and loving their family.

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Coursing Tošovice 2022

Coursing Tošovice

Back to News    Alijamo’s DEVIL’S PIE 9/15Alijamo’s GALAXY CORONA 5/23Alijamo’s FEMME FATALE 16/23Alijamo’s CALATHEA 23/23 Alijamo’s GAGARIN 4/10 Alijamo’s FALCON CRAG 8/10 Recent

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Grand Prix Bratislava coursing

Grand Prix Bratislava

Back to News Grand prix Bratislava 24 7.2021 Grand Prix Bratislava 24 7.2021 first coursing season and hope not last. Alijamo’s ELMLEY LOVETT 10/22 Alijamo’s

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