Breed Dogs

We present dogs born in our kennel. They were adopted by their owners, with whom they also live.

Stud Dogs

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Alijamo's Gagarin

Alijamo´s Gagarin

*02.05.2020, owner: kennel Alijamo's

Alijamo´s Elmley Lovett

*15.09.2018, owner: Svetlana Šulganová

Alijamo's Devil's Pie

Alijamo´s Devil's Pie

*15.03.2018, owner: kennel Alijamo's


Alijamo's Callistemon

*25.01.2017, owner: Zuzana Šlahorová

Alijamo's Advocaat

owner: Andrea Bottková

Alijamo's Applejack

Alijamo's Applejack

*28.01.2015, owner: kennel Alijamo's

Alijamo´s ALIZE BLEU

Alijamo's Alize Bleu

*28.01.2015, owner: kennel Alijamo's

Brood Females

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Alijamo's Galilea

Alijamo's Galilea

*02.05.2020, owner: Peter Molnár

Alijamo's Eling

Alijamo's Galaxy Corona

*02.05.2020, owner: CHS Alijamo's

Alijamo's GIENNAH

Alijamo's Giennah

*02.05.2020, owner: Milan Koniar

Alijamo's Eling

Alijamo's Eling

*15.03.2018, owner: Katarína Kuklová

Alijamo´s Eyre

Alijamo's Eyre

*15.09.2018, owner: kennel Eyzrya

Alijamo's Dangerous Woman

Alijamo's Dangerous Women

Mother of Litter "K", "J" Alijamo´, owner: Stanislava Hollá & kennel Alijamo's

Alijamo's Dangerous Love Brexi

Alijamo's Dangerous Love Brexi

*15.03.2018, owner: kennel Bredaro

Alijamo's Calathea

Alijamo's Calathea

Mother of Litter "G", "J" Alijamo's, owner: kennel Alijamo's

Alijamo's Campanulla

25.01.2017-14.11.2022, owner: kennel Wild Grapes

Alijamo's Beetle

Alijamo's Beetle

Mother of Litter "H", "L" Alijamo's, owner: Kamila Čapková

Alijamos Anisette

Alijamo's Anisette

Mother of Litter “E”, "I", "M" Alijamo´s, owner: CHS Alijamo's