Last race of the 2022 season

Alijamo's Galilea
Picture of Alijamo's

The last race of the 2022 season is upon us. In a hugely strong competition in Adamov on October 22, 2022, where almost 100 whippets ran, the bandits tried. Some were successful, others ran away at least for the joy of it.

CACIL bitches
14/28 thus qualified for the international working class
Alijamo’s FEMME FATALE 24/28
Alijamo’s HEILLIA 25/28
Alijamo’s GALILEA 27/28 penalized 10% for early start
Alijamo’s GIENNAH did not start the second round, after a minor injury
CACIL dogs
Alijamo’s FALCON CRAG 13/30
Stangers Land VALDAY 14/30
Alijamo’s GAGARIN 22/30
CSS bitches
Alijamo’s FEEL PRETTY 8/13
Alijamo’s CALATHEA 9/13CSS dogs
Alijamo’s DEVIL’S PIE 3/12
Alijamo’s APPLEJACK 12/12 he just enjoys running.
I wish the bandits a wonderful rest, and next year I hope to see more of them on the tracks in the Slovak Republic as well as in the surrounding countries.
Photo by Martin Odraska