Specialty Show KCHCH

Alijamo's Jolly Roger r.BIS PUPPY
First Slovak Dog Show Alijamo’s – 13 entered!
Judge: Janusz Opara/PL
Stangers Land DREAM CAR – VP2 (2) puppy
Stangers Land VALDAY – VG (12) junior
Alijamo’s HILL OF CAT – VG2 (2) interm.
Alijamo’s FALCON CRAG – Ex.1 CAC (3) open
Alijamo’s ELMLEY LOVETT – VG1 working
Alijamo’s GAGARIN – Ex.2 res, CAC (5) champions
Alijamo’s JOLLY ROGER – VP1, BOB puppy, res. BIS puppy
Alijamo’s JEAN DE CLISSON – VP4., puppy
Alijamo’s JACOTTE DELACHAE – VP4, puppy
Majestrian EMONIQUE – Ex.2 (7) junior
Alijamo’s GIENNAH – Ex.4 (5) interm.
Alijamo’s GACRUX – Ex.4 interm.
Alijamo’s FEEL PRETTE – Ex.1, CAC, Specialty Show Winner (6) open
Alijamo’s DANGEROUS LOVE BREXI – Ex.4 (6) open
Alijamo’s DRAGONFLY – Ex.1, CAC, BIS working
Alijamo’s GALAXY CORONA – Ex.2, res. CAC (3)
Páry Gino + Neha 3rd place
Chovateľská skupina Gino + Neha + Jolly – 2nd place
Jakubko + Valday – 2nd place JH
Lea + Jeany 3rd place JH

Thank you to all the owners for a beautiful Saturday.